In order to be able to provide you with a specification for a suitable turbine, or photovoltaic array, and to establish the amount of power which you could expect it to produce we would need to undertake a technical assessment of the site.

Our Process

We would establish that the topography is as we had envisaged, that the existing grid connection appears to be adequate for the installation proposed, establish the type of foundation suitable for the ground conditions and establish a route and length for the cable connecting the turbine to your grid connection point.

We would also need to establish a suitable location for the Grid control equipment. We charge £500 + VAT for this service which would be refunded should you subsequently be able to place an order for an installation.

Should our assessment of your site for wind power be inconclusive we are able to install a mobile anemometer and data logger which, by recording your wind speed and direction for a minimum of three months, would provide a more reliable prediction of your wind environment. The cost of this service depends on the location of the site.

At this stage we would give you the option of constructing foundations and digging cable trenches yourself or asking us to undertake it.

Our report would include:

  • a quotation for the supply, installation and connection of the turbine or PV array
  • a Notice to your Electricity Distribution Company (DNO) should be issued at this stage

We would be pleased to prepare a full Planning Application for you, or to assist you in preparing your own application. Our charges for this service would depend on the complexity of the application.

Should you wish to proceed with the installation we would invite you sign the Quotation we have provided. We would then send you an invoice and would ask you to send the deposit requested. On receipt of the deposit we would order the turbine and associated equipment and confirm the delivery and installation dates.

Having delivered, installed and connected the turbine to the Grid we would provide you with all the Consents which are required for the Grid connection. We would supply all the documents required for operating the equipment and confirming a five year warranty. We would also discuss an annual maintenance contract. We are always available, at any stage, to discuss problems and alternatives.

Client Installation
Provan 11 Wind Turbine Client Installation
Anemometer Rig
We can offer a mobile monitoring service to record the viability of wind and solar power at your location.