We are dedicated to providing a professional service in a rapidly changing and complex market.

Our intention is to take advantage of the developing alternative energy market and to that end our company is well qualified to provide expert advice on the choice and installation of a range of Wind Turbines, and Photo Voltaic systems, the economics of their performance and to provide a reliable and professional supply, installation and maintenance service.

We are able to undertake the installation of a range of turbines including those offered by Proven Energy Ltd, Evance Wind Turbines Ltd, Evoco Energy Ltd, Xzeres Wind Ltd and Future Energy Ltd.

Alternate Energy Sources

Recent Government regulation ensures that the micro generators you install are accredited for performance and serviceability and that the installers and their installations are inspected and accredited. We recommend you only consider the purchase and installation of any micro generation system under the MCS accreditation system.

You should be aware that Planning is always required for the installation of Wind Turbines and, under some circumstances, for the installation of Photovoltaic systems.

Grid connection will depend on the supply available at your property and the amount of power you propose to export to the grid. For details of all the advice and support we can provide see subsequent pages.


We would be pleased to establish the mean annual wind speed for your location and give you an opinion on the viability of various wind turbines and Photovoltaic systems, taking into account the local topography and your particular requirements.

Our company would also provide information on the accreditation status of any of the equipment you may be considering.

We would be able to provide you with advice of a general nature and on any constrains on Planning Applications, in your area, of which we are aware.

Dragon Power Services Ltd would be pleased to provide this service at no cost to your self.

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